Compliance & Risk Management simplified

Provide timely services

  • Monitor shipments that need immediate attention
  • React and respond in real-time

Compliance User can…

  • Assess orders „On Hold“ for any other reasons base on screening result
  • Fix items missing compliance information
  • Tag/Flag for carnet & temporary import shipments
  • Screen for potential restricted parties

Carnet and important shipments

Costume costing $1 Million+ is shipped to a famous artist from LA to Paris
Import taxes in EU can run into 6 figures
Attaching a Carnet can eliminate taxes because costume will be brought back to the US

Freight Forwarder Portal

  • Document upload
  • Freight Bid Response
  • Shipment Status Updates
  • Communication and Notifications

Real-life scenario

Assets and archives

Equipment is being requested from the archives and moved quickly across the world.

The information is stored in software used by that particular team. Product inventory and descriptions are maintained in that system. New products are added and removed that logistics can receive shipment requests for:
Tech shipments and Hard drives with rough cuts and finished products are being physically shipped back and forth as they are too high resolution and require very large files

Fedex Compliance & Documentation

  • Customs Filing
  • Document Access and Upload
  • Service Availability

Dashboard and Reports for managers and administrators

  • Queue status
  • Performance statistics
  • Workload and capacity
  • Tracker dashboard showing
    asset round-trips due

Tax and Financial reporting

  • Broker document upload
  • Weekly and monthly spend reports
  • Trend and summary analysis
  • Detailed spend reports capabilities by production, cost center, etc.